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What to say? If you have read the New Years page, you know Tregon was there for the very first New Years Around the World. He would call me every year and ask 'Where are we now?'... and we would drink to another year in another place...but no more.

This year we are dedicating our 25 1/2 hour 40 location celebration to Tregon. I've created an alternate 'guestbook' so peopel can share their thoughts about 'T' and his passing.

So if you have something you would like to add, please do so below. Your comments will be added the bottom of the list.

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From John at Sat Dec 30 17:18:15 2017:
First comment. T we are going to miss you.

From Stephanie Callahan at Mon Jan 1 03:05:03 2018:
We miss you T